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Engraving is for decoration purposes where some designs are added onto a surface. Your brand’s logo, name, and motto can be engraved over a flat surface like a stainless steel surface using different methods, among which lasers are popular. Businesses use this type of signage to give an outstanding and exceptional look to their brand. These laser engraved signs can be of any material, but for a more authentic look we use stainless steel. If you are using stainless steel for laser engraving, then it will be more durable than other materials as they leave a permanent deep mark on the surface. A stainless steel engraving is more appealing to the eye. Another advantage of stainless steel is that it can be used outdoors as it is the strongest material that can be engraved. They are durable, will not fade, peel or discolour, and resist vandalism and extreme weather conditions. So do not compromise on quality when sticking to signage cost.

Some laser engraving ideas include Laser Cut Acrylic Signs, Wall Signs, Logo 3D Signs, Interior Signs, Wayfinding Signs, Wood Engraving, Industrial Aluminium Plates and many more.

The Benefits of Engraving Signs

● They are compatible with all business types.
● They are highly durable.
● They are cost-effective.
● They are highly readable and catchy.
● They have low maintenance requirements.
● There are endless options to be carried out.
● They are accurate and have exact lettering.
● They can be made quicker and easier.

Engraved signs are a very popular option among businesses as they can be done on different types of surfaces, combining full-colour graphics or screen printing, making the designs stunning. They are also great if you are looking for a long-lasting sign for indoor or outdoor use. They can also be customised to be ovals, arch-top signs, or any other sign shape you need. Engraved signs can be used to produce name plates, desk plates, safety signs, brass signs, aluminium signs, donor walls, memorial plaques, ID Tags, directional and directory signs, outdoor signs, etc.

Thamvos is an advertising company in Dubai, UAE, that strives to make business signage the best in the market. Our signs could be hung directly on a wall. They can also be installed using double tape on a surface or drilled. The following businesses can incorporate engraved signs into their brands:

● Hotels
● Medical offices
● Parks
● Golf courses
● Recreation facilities

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Laser engraving is adding some designs onto a surface using lasers. It uses a beam of light instead of ink, which is used in traditional printing methods. These designs are cut away to a specified depth and texture from the surface by changing the intensity of the beam.
Laser engraving can be done on a wide range of metals. Earlier, this method was used on copper plates because of their softness. But nowadays, stainless steel engraving is done widely due to technological advancement. We are a top-notch signage printing company that focuses on stainless steel engraving.
A wide range of materials, including metals and their alloys, can be engraved using lasers. These include brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, acrylics, plastic, wood, metals, rubber, glass, perspex, cloth sheets, ceramics, felt sheets, and cardboard sheets.
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