10 Benefits of Choosing LED Sign Boards and Why?


If you are running a business in Dubai and are looking out to choose indoor digital displays for your organisation, the best recommendation would be to get in touch with reputed indoor digital signage services in Dubai. They would depute an indoor signage solutions and commercial signage consultant who will suggest, and probably, design and install the appropriate indoor signages for your Dubai business. 


The first thing that any prospective customer would notice about your office is undoubtedly the signage. Any signage lets the prospect know what the business is all about. However, today, a simply painted signboard is not what someone looks out for. The attraction quotient of such a board is simply not enough. For this, you would have to set up interactive, colourful and attractive display signage. The best way to implement this would be to have indoor digital displays, particularly, indoor LED sign boards. In this post, we attempt to list the specific advantages for your business when you use LED sign boards. 


LED sign boards have become very popular around the world in recent times as instruments of advertisements. They are attractive, flashy, and dynamic. LEDs are long-lasting and consume less energy than traditional light bulb advertising boards. They also generate less heat. An LED signage board can remain functional for approximately 50,000 to 100,000 hours.


An LED signboard is made up of many individual panels in which the LEDs are arranged in clusters. Pixels, the key components, consist of three diodes that are coloured blue, red, and green. The resolution of the sign resolution depends on the distance between the centres of two pixels. When this distance is lower, the resolution is better.


LED Signboards - 10 Advantages


#1: Indoor signage displays using LED signs ensure higher revenues and quicker break-even. You can reach break-even in just 3 months. This is because these signboards attract more viewers and consequently, higher business volumes.


#2: Digital indoor signboard solutions can help you to reach out to a larger target group when compared to a static display board. These can replay the same message over and over again and the increased frequency of display creates a higher recall value for your brand.


#3: By installing indoor digital signs, you can exercise full control over what and how to display. You can ask the service providers of the indoor office signage in Dubai to customise the display timing according to your requirement. You can make quick changes to the message according to sudden market changes. You can also display event- or time-specific offers and any other feature in the LED display.


#4: LED indoor signage costs less. There are charges for investing to buy or rent an LED board. You can then change and update content without any extra expenditure. But if you choose to use only traditional advertising, printing displays, then you would need new ones printed for every new announcement/ new product/service announcement. These costs are substantial.


#5: Digital signage – indoor & outdoor using LEDs help to save both time and effort while changing content. Traditional advertising with reader boards requires staff members to manually change the content every single time. When weather conditions are bad, this turns out to be a challenge.


#6: Signboard supply in Dubai will be able to offer unique outdoor signage solutions according to your unique requirements. You can tweak and customise your message to display exciting deals for household products or display other relevant messages during the evening times or at the weekends. You can also choose to advertise for happy-hour schemes during evening rush hour crowds. Therefore, you can display different content and achieve maximum customization.


#7: LED outdoor signboard displays are highly durable. These digital display screen outdoor billboards are easy to maintain also. That’s why they are more popular than traditional vinyl billboards which get damaged quite easily and require regular maintenance. Digital outdoor screen solutions are robust and require less maintenance. 


#8: Billboard companies can also use LED Digital outdoor screen solutions. By using a digital billboard, the same board can be leased to multiple buyers simultaneously. In contrast, traditional static billboards can be leased out to only one buyer at a time. Therefore, new-age LED billboards will allow these renting billboard companies to considerably expand their customer base and improve their revenues.


#9: Organisations get higher ROIs (returns on investments) by using outdoor LED screens. After creating ads on computers, they can use appropriate LED software to upload the ads instantly. The organisation would end up paying only for the ad space rental charge. With a traditional static billboard, the company would have to pay for producing the ad as well. So, companies spend much less when using LED boards.


#10: Outdoor digital LED displays are environment-friendly. On average, LED signage consumes only up to 10 watts of power. This is very less compared to a neon system and translates into substantial savings for the company. Also, LED signage avoids using dangerous and toxic gases like mercury and other similar contaminants.


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