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For any business that matters, signage is an important element as it helps in increasing market reach and grabbing the attention of a lot of customers. In fact, a new business does require a perfect branding and marketing strategy. Signage could help you to market and advertise your products and services, projecting you as a recognisable brand. Good signage is essential for every company for various reasons. They can help you with branding, psychological impact, cost-efficient marketing, effective communication, and business quality.

Your business signage could include wall signs, window signage, floor signs, etc. Being a top signage company in Dubai, we make sure that your signage can give your customers a whole new experience.

Healthcare/ Hospital Signage

Healthcare/Hospital Signage becomes important when patients and visitors find it difficult to find their way due to a number of departments. With appropriate hospital signage, patients navigate the halls and understand the available services offered. Healthcare or hospital signs may include everything from exterior wayfinding signs, which help patients find their way around a hospital, to window vinyl signs that let patients know where they can find their doctors. Moreover, hospital signage can create a positive experience for patients and visitors, contributing to a sense of well- being, safety, and security. We are sign board suppliers in Dubai, UAE, who can specialise in custom signage for healthcare facilities that can strengthen your brand. Healthcare/Hospital Signage is used in:

1.Specialty Hospitals
3.Medical offices
4.Palliative Care Centres
5.Centres for Emergency
6.Industrial complexes
7.Dental Laboratories

Education/ School Signage agency

Education/ School Signage

Education/School Signage gives the students, teachers, or parents direction and a sense of feeling. These signs are essential to creating a complete look around your campus. Moreover, they can notify students and teachers of impending emergencies as well as forthcoming sporting events and extracurricular activities. Professionally designed education/school signs are ideal for finding your way, finding information, and getting directions.These could be entrance signs, car park signs, gate signs, directional signs, door signs, foyer signs, hall signs, locator signs, map signs, safety signs, scoreboards, stickers, value signs, welcome signs, and window vinyl. As one of the best signage printing suppliers, we provide endless options for educational signage. These signs can be used for:

5.Public or private associated centres
6.Vocational training institutes

Construction Site Signage

Construction Site Signage is a type of workplace safety signage used on construction sites. These signs can help prevent injuries to the staff and visitors at such dangerous sites. They also ensure workplace occupational health and safety requirements. Danger signs and caution signs are important visual cues around a job site. Safety signs must be easy to understand for a person and make quick decisions. They are also a reminder for those who aren’t familiar with your construction site. You don't have to worry about the Advertising Cost in Dubai UAE. We at Thamvos design and produce construction signs like mandatory signs, prohibition signs, warning signs, fire safety signs, emergency information signs, and danger signs. These signs are used in:

1.Institutional or commercial sites
2.Solar power generating plants
3.Waste management plants
4.Special Industrial Construction
5.Gas and oil sites

Construction Site Signage company
Restaurant & Cafe Signage agency

Restaurant & Cafe Signage

Signage in Dubai, UAE, becomes an important part of restaurants and cafes as it attracts potential customers to your restaurant and lets them walk in. They are also used to inform customers about safety protocols. Even if you are an established cafe owner, you will require fascia signs, window graphics, interior wall coverings, etc. to promote and reinforce your brand. One thing to be noted is that these signs must be highly visible and easy to read. These visually appealing signs can enhance your café’s look and feel and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Our Restaurant & Cafe Signage can create a positive impression of your business. Some other businesses to which we provide such signs include:

4.Night clubs
5.Catering companies
6.Street food vendors
7.Food vending trucks
8.Food courts in shopping malls

Malls & Shop Signage

Malls and shop signage are important in today's world as they provide guests with a better retail experience. They influence customers' decision-making and also update them on current events and trends. These digital signs, including video walls, interactive kiosks, wayfinding boards, information displays, entertainment displays, and assistive displays, play a major role in drawing the attention of window-shoppers and converting them to customers. The key purpose of the mall and shop signage we provide is to attract customers, to advertise and market, and to guide customers in store. Make use of the benefits of the signage, which is a cost-effective marketing tool that communicates with its customers.You can directly enquire about the sign board price with us.The following are some businesses that use malls and shop signage:

1.Retail Stores
4.Shopping Malls

Malls & Shop Signage consultant
Road Signage solution

Road Signage

Road signage or traffic signage is meant to provide instructions to people, like men at work, pedestrians crossing, or even a passenger who passes by car. These signs are mainly categorised into three: mandatory signs, cautionary signs, and informatory signs. They must be highly durable, weather resistant, affordable, and of global quality standards. They are even used when completing roadworks to ensure the safety of workers. We are advertising manufacturers in Dubai, UAE, who distribute our products all over Dubai, UAE. We have a huge list of traffic signs from which you can select. Below are some places where this type of signage is in use:

2.Arterial streets
3.Sub-arterial streets
4.Collector streets
5.Local streets
6.National highways
7.State highways
8.District roads
9.Rural roads
10.Border roads
12.Petrol pumps

Office Signage

Office signage is a main component of corporate branding. They are mainly used to draw attention to your office, reinforce your brand, individualise areas, ensure staff and visitors know where to go and ultimately improve your office’s environment. The contemporary look of these signs elevates the professionalism, efficiency, and communication of your business. You can also personalise your signage for the office entrance, reception wall, or cubicles. At Thamvos Ads, a top sign board agency in Dubai, UAE, we specialise in a whole range of signage solutions for your office spaces. You can consult us to find the right signage for your office. The following are some common businesses who make use of office signage and graphics:

1.Government agencies
2.Law firms
3.Dental Clinics
6.Doctor’s offices

Office Signage company
Gym Signage solution

Gym Signage

Gym signage is used by gyms and fitness companies mainly to show class schedules or display workout machines or equipment wait times. They are also used to showcase all offers, entertain and educate members, inform about changes in timings, give meal preparation tips, or even motivate members with success stories. ADA signage, architectural and glass finishes, banners, decals, directional signage, floor graphics, trade show displays, wall murals, and window graphics are commonly used for these purposes. Please inquire about our signage printing prices in Dubai, UAE. Our Gym Signage will be perfect for your fitness business as it clearly states your policies. Some gyms and fitness companies that use this type of signage are:

1.Yoga studios
2.Spin classes
3.Boxing gyms
4.Pilates studios
5.Dance studios
6.CrossFit gyms

Transport Signages

Transport signage, or transportation signage, or transit signage, enhances the travel experience of a customer. Travellers who travel by planes, buses, or trains should quickly interpret the signage for stress-free travel. In airports and railway stations, these signs are very common. These days travellers use kiosks for self-check-in. These types of signage provide updated information to the customers and engage them. Different types of transport signs are available on the market, such as roadway signs, ADA/Compliance and safety signs etc. These signs are used in parking garages, departure areas, arrival areas, terminals, concourses, concessions, and vendors. At Thamvos, a pioneering signage agency in Dubai, we provide the best transportation signage services.Some industries in which we can use the service:

2.Railway stations
3.Bus terminals
4.Subway station
5.Resting Places
6.Petrol Pumps
7.First Aid Post

Transport Signages solution
Industrial Signages company

Industrial Signages

Industrial safety signs must be used in extremely hazardous industrial environments. They are used as warning signs at places such as manufacturing facilities, mines, and farms. Industrial signs must be eye-catching as they serve the purpose of maintaining a safe work environment. Industrial signage includes Reflective tape, Site signs, Wayfinding signs, IMO signage, Branded hoardings, Danger & Hazard signage, Health and Safety signs. These signs also alert pedestrians about potential risks and dangers associated with a particular industrial area. As one of the best signage manufacturers in Dubai, we offer the highest quality products suitable for commercial units, factories, warehouses, business parks, etc. Here is a list of industries that use our industrial signage:

1.Waste and Recycling companies
2.Construction sites
3.Big Farms
4.Convenience Stores
5.Manufacturing industry
6.Mining industries
7.Chemical companies

Banking Signage

Bank and financial institution signs are for improving the customer experience, connecting the brands with the customer, and enhancing operational efficiency. Moreover, these signs project honesty, strengthen brand identity and convey trust. Some common types of bank signs include branch storefront signs, security signs, bank lobby signs, bank drive-thru signs, bank regulatory signage and ADA signage. Banking signage, in general, directs people and creates a first impression of the bank. Our team of experts provides the best sign boards in Dubai, UAE, ensuring consistency, quality, and on-time delivery. The institutions to which we provide these types of signage are given below:

1.Regional and national banks
2.ATM counters
4.IInsurance companies
5.Brokerage firms
6.Credit unions
7.Savings and loan associations
8.Mortgage Companies

Banking Signage agency
Exhibition Signage consultant

Exhibition Signage

Exhibition signage must be bold, colourful, and eye-catching in order to have a strong influence on the audience's decision.Signs such as exhibition stands, pull-up and pop-up banners, brochure stands, custom-built displays, fabric walls, flags, modular units, and double-sided frames can promote, educate, and advertise your brand. Your high-quality exhibition signage will display your brand assets, making your business stand out from the crowd. As one of the best signage suppliers in Dubai, we have an expert team of designers and fabricators that ensure that your exhibition signage, whether it is exhibition posters or panels, suits your requirements. Some places where these signs are used include:

1.Consumer trade shows
2.Industry trade shows
3.Art exhibitions
4.Thesis displays
5.Technology fairs
6.Healthcare and patient fairs
7.Business to-Business fairs

Event Signage

Event signage is powerful as it brings in prospective customers to a business. Usually, they are used to advertise a brand, business, or product. They can also direct people to a physical location or advertise sponsorships. These signs will help your clients and partners focus on your business during the event. Event signage could be wall murals, event tents, step & repeat banners, event graphics, digital signs, banners, window graphics, and floor graphics. We provide the best sign board designs in Dubai, UAE that are reusable and can last for many years. Some events for which our signage is used include:

1.Charitable Events & Fundraisers
2.Community Events
3.Concerts & Theatres
4.Corporate Events
5.Fairs and festivals
6.Grand Opening
7.Press Conferences
8.Product Launches
9.Sporting Events

Event Signage agency
Hospitality-Hotel-Resort Signage solution

Hospitality/Hotel/Resort Signage

Hospitality or hotel or resort signs are meant to improve the guest experience. They clearly increase customer engagement and communicate your brand identity. Some resorts use digital displays for welcoming guests and showing off property highlights. Whatever it may be, the end result of using this type of signage by the hospitality industry is to increase brand loyalty. Improve your communication strategy using high-quality hotel signs such as signs for spas, room signs, privacy signs, etc. Our hospitality digital signage is the best signage printing design that provides a smooth check-in process for your guests. The following hospitality industries use these types of signage:

1.The food and beverage industry
2.Lodging industry
3.Coastal resort
4.Urban hotel
5.Boutique motel
6.Recreation industry
7.All-Inclusive resorts
8.Historic resorts

Retail Signage

Retail store signage can vary in size according to your business needs. Since every piece of signage must be easily understandable for a customer, they need to be effective and of the highest quality. They should be neat and bright so that your message is correctly delivered to your potential customers. Retail signage could be anything from a shop front display to an in-store sign. They also include illuminated shop signs, labels, banners, and sale signs. Even if the signage is for inside or outside use, it’s duty is to always welcome your customers to your store. As a top advertising agency in Dubai, UAE, we specialise in top-quality retail signage and retail graphics that help bring your brand to life. Some businesses that make use of retail signage are:

1.Department stores
2.Specialty Stores
4.Convenience Stores
5.Discount Stores
6.Hypermarkets or Super Stores
7.Warehouse Stores
8.E-Commerce Stores

Retail Signage company


We are a top sign board company in Dubai, UAE, and we never compromise on the quality of materials. We provide our clients with customised business signage solutions. The materials we use for our signage are chemical resistant, anti-microbial and weather resistant.
The type of signage you use varies depending on your business, location, and other factors. But a common factor is that these signs should be easily readable and attract the most customers. We give you the best signage designs that could increase your brand's visibility.
The average life of a sign depends on the materials used, how well they are maintained and their exposure to extreme weather conditions. As one of the leading advertising suppliers in Dubai, UAE, we use high-quality materials for our products, which will last a longer time than compared to others.
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