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Strategically designed indoor signage is important for any business. These signs are used to create a first impression of your brand by delivering your messages in a creative way. Many businesses think that having outdoor business signs is enough. But this is not true. Indoor signs have the ability to appeal to the customer in a positive manner. They improve the overall mood, raise brand awareness, promote seasonal feel and directions, and display key messages.

As a leading signage agency in Dubai, we strive to provide the best indoor signage services in all places in Dubai. Glance through our indoor signage services to get an overall outlook on what we do.

Gold Plated sign

Gold-plated signs are used by premium businesses to emphasise the exclusive nature of their establishment. They directly or indirectly communicate that they represent your business as a luxurious, premium, high-quality one. It says that your business is something that should be respected and valued. They can even be used as home decor or as a house name board. These kinds of signs will not be suitable for just about any kind of interior design. So if you decide to install gold-plated signs to use in your interior to show your class, you need a premium signage printing agency like us. If your company falls into any of the following categories, you should never hesitate to invest in gold-plated signage:

1.Premium cafes
2.Beauty salons
3.Corporate Offices
5.Luxury Resorts

Gold Plated Sign solution
Acrylic Letters agency

Acrylic letters

Acrylic letters are elegant and stylish and are used for a multitude of applications. They are highly customisable, lightweight and easy to install. They also look professional, with almost endless illumination options. An advantage of acrylic sign letters is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They can even last in extreme hot or cold temperatures and resist fading in direct UV sunlight. Nowadays, signs are also made from a combination of liquid acrylic and solid acrylic letters. In any case, they are very affordable, especially when compared to other materials like aluminium, brass or bronze. We are signage suppliers in Dubai and have an unmatched collection of acrylic letters in different designs, patterns and colours. Some of the businesses that use our acrylic letters are:

2.Tech companies
5.Grocery stores
6.Shopping centres
7.Retail stores

Hanging Sign

Hanging signs are meant for short-term promotional use, showing directions or defining departments. They are located in higher areas, either hanging from ceilings, store fixtures or attached to walls.They are positioned in areas that can be easily viewed either close up or far away, such as over aisles, at store entrances, above cashier counters, or customer support desks. Depending on the purpose, you should use hanging signs made up of different materials. But note that banner material is not recommended if you’re looking for a high-end look, as waves can appear and curl based on how the sign is hung. We specialise in the signage printing designs and manufacture of signs, which work around your budget. Below are some places that use these signs:

2.Convenience stores
3.Department or retail stores
4.Stadiums and arenas
5.Distribution centres
6.Hospitals or medical facilities

Hanging Sign solution
Lobby Signs company

Lobby Signs

Lobby signs give a first impression to the clients and customers who walk up to the business doors. They are also known by their names: office signs, lobby signs, display letters or reception area signs. These interior signs for your office welcome guests and build confidence. There are a variety of them, including Metal Lobby Signage, Acrylic Lobby Signage, Backlit Lobby Signage, Cut Vinyl Lobby Signage, Wood Lobby Signage, and Foam Lobby Signage. Most offices incorporate these signs inside the office to make the business look professional and facilitate a memorable experience.Our experienced designers are proficient in designing and creating these internal/reception signage, keeping in mind your brand colours, style, and logos. These polished, attractive, and professional-looking signs are used by almost every industry, including:

3.Coffee Shops

Safety signs

Safety signs play a key role in many aspects of safety in a workplace, ensuring the safety of workers. Different safety signs have different purposes. Usually, in a workplace, signs such as Regulatory Signs, Prohibition Signs, Mandatory Signs, Danger Signs, Warning Signs, Fire Safety Signs, Emergency Signs, and General Information Signs are used. They are used to promote safety and help to prevent injuries in the workplace. Especially when industrial safety is considered, these signs help to reduce liability by providing proper notification for operators and other workers in the vicinity. Providing your employees with the right quantity of information on safety signs and labels is imperative for performing daily tasks. We are a Sign Board Agency in Dubai UAE who provide safety signs that can meet your requirements. The following industries must use safety signs without fail:

1.The Construction Industry
2.Chemical factories
3.Machinery Manufacturing
4.Industry of Oil and Gas
5.Mining & Metallurgy

Safety Signs company
Special Assembled Background Sign

Special Assembled background sign

Special assembled background signs are personalised signs that we create for our clients according to their specific requirements. An advantage of these signs is that they can be of the size and material you demand. You can choose the signage style that works best for you. A custom sign is an important asset in a branding strategy. From landmarking to marketing, they can be used for different purposes. Your customised sign can have an impactful first impression of your company. In less time, the aesthetics of these signs can attract customers. As a top signage company in Dubai, we can handle all your signage needs that include design, print, and fabrication. Some of the industries for which we provide special assembled background signs include:

1.Retail Stores
3.Gas Stations
4.Convenience Stores
5.Vehicle Repair Shops
6.Community Banks

Menu boards

Menu Sign Boards are custom boards that can give details of all the delectables you offer. On menu boards, simple fonts with high contrast colours are used, as they should be easily readable to the customer. This makes it easier for the customer to find what they want to order, and they might order more. With no proper menu boards, the establishments appear unprofessional to their customers. There are various types of menu boards, ranging from magnetic menu boards, which are installed once, to chalkboard menu boards with custom wood frames. When it comes to displaying your menu board, make sure that they are appetising and show graphics or pictures. We are at the top of the list of signage suppliers in Dubai. We provide customizable menu boards that are very important to the success of your business. Install menu boards in the following industries:

2.School cafeterias
3.Coffee shops

Menu Boards consultant
Digital LED Displays solution

Digital LED Displays

Digital LED Displays are getting progressively popular because of their ability to display seamless pictures. The main features of a digital LED display include screens that can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are LED screens on which day or night auto-adjust brightness is available. They are robust and durable, even in the most challenging environments. These Digital LED Display solutions are meant for those applications where image quality really matters. A Digital LED Display can deliver precise and splendid visual messages encompassing various sizes, resolutions, and technologies. Thamvos Ads is a renowned brand among the advertising manufacturers in Dubai, UAE, who are known for our quality products and services. Some industries to which we supply digital LED displays include:

6.Health Care
8.Radio and TV Stations

Wayfinding signage/DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE

Wayfinding signage, or directional signage, is a prominent communication tool used to perform a particular task. They are mainly used to provide directions, to name rooms or buildings, to designate special zones or areas, or to provide information. They can be called a standalone because they help your employees, visitors, and customers navigate through even the most confusing environments. They can have a combination of art, craft, and psychology involving colour, typography, lighting, architecture, and a range of other factors. Some of our directional sign board designs in Dubai, UAE include designs for door plaques, coloured lines on the floor, facilities signage, access control etc. Below are some industries where this signage is used:

1.Financial sector
4.Sports Venues
5.School campuses
6.Office complexes
7.Shopping malls

Wayfinding Signage/DIRECTIONAL SIGNAGE agency
Wall And Floor Graphics solution

Wall and Floor Graphics

Wall and Floor Graphics are a special type of decal created specifically for walls and floors, respectively. Floor graphics are meant to reach customers while they shop; direct traffic in a busy facility; organise a warehouse; promote an event; or reinforce brand identity. Wall graphics, on the other hand, are intended to add interest to common areas such as reception areas, showrooms, lobbies, waiting areas, and restaurant walls.Since these signs use particular adhesives and materials, they are durable in nature. Different types of graphics like patterns and shapes, taglines, logos and slogans, printed textures, product images, branding figures and mascots, and directions can be incorporated into such designs. As a leading signage agency in Dubai, we provide our signage services to all places in Dubai. These signs are used by the following industries:

1.The Construction Industry
2.Store departments
3.Grocery department
5.Corporate offices


An interior sign is a must for any type of business as it reflects your brand. When visitors first walk inside, it is these signs that welcome them. Creative and engaging interior signage contributes significantly to your company experience. We provide the best digital signage in Dubai.
We offer a wide range of indoor signage and sign banners, including bathroom, directional, conference room, and directory signs, as well as banners. We can also customise your interior signage with dimensional lettering, vinyl wall graphics, menu boards, and window and floor graphics.
Yes! Thanks to technology. Using energy-efficient LED lights, lights made of neon, and other materials, you can illuminate your sign board. For details, please contact us.
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