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Creating eye-catching outdoor signs can attract your potential customers who are on the constant move. Exterior advertising, or out-of-home advertising (or OOH) as it is called, is one of the most effective offline mediums, helping you meet your clients outdoors. These signs are integral to the brand identity of your clients. External signage is instrumental in presenting the first impression. As a pioneer Advertising Agency in Dubai UAE we are able to provide a comprehensive range of external signs that can be personalised.

We are an advertising company that is involved in the design, manufacture, and supply of external signs of high quality finish. Our dedicated team of experts offers you the right sign for the right use.

Pylon Signs/Monolithic Signs

Monolith/Totem/Pylon signs are attractive and impressive free-standing tall structures that promote your business. Pylon signs are sometimes called Pole signs. They are manufactured in such a way that they get maximum road front exposure. Height and size are the two strongest qualities of these one-sided or double-sided signs. If you want your business to be noticed in a busy area where you have only seconds to capture the attention of potential customers, Monolith, Totem, or Pylon signs will be your best option. As one of the best Signage companies in Dubai, we hold proficiency in offering an exclusive range of these signs, which can do wonders for your visibility. Some of the businesses that fit this profile include:

1.Shopping centres and malls
4.Gas stations
6.Industrial complexes

 Pylon Signs/Monolithic Signs Consultant
3D Channel Letter Sign Board consultant Dubai

3D Channel Letter Sign Board

3D Channel Letter Sign Boards are tridimensional letters cut individually to form the name of a business. They are also used to convey some advertising messages. These are mounted on a wall or above doorways. Most businesses prefer these signs due to their specific features like long life, attractive designs, scratch resistance, high moisture absorption ability, weather resistance, laser cut for superior edge finish and high visual impact. The channel-letter sign may not be the letters but can also be some shapes other than letters, such as logos or any other designs. If you are confused about the Advertising Cost in Dubai UAE, you can directly contact us. Our entire range of these signs is of superior design, light weight, and illumination at an affordable rate. Some of the businesses that are already using channel letters regularly are listed below:

3.Retail stores
5.Tech companies
7.Wellness/health services


Hoarding is a cost-effective way to advertise your brand directly to the audience. Professional hoardings can withstand the weather and boldly display your message. It can be considered as a great option in the category of large-format outdoor advertising. Hoarding Signage can provide a high level of impact for your messages as the visuals are visible in the field day in and day out. It acts as an efficient promotional and advertising tool, making the world aware of your business. We can provide you with hoardings with massive dimensions and length, which could attract even prospective customers who walk by, and that too, at a low sign board cost. Different kinds of businesses that make use of hoardings are:

1.Retail outlets
2.Hotels and restaurants
4.Real estate properties
5.Commercial properties
6.Law offices
7.Creative agencies
8.Corporate offices
9.Professional services

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 Building Signs solution Dubai

Building signs

Building signs are graphics used by businesses to help potential customers identify their business.They have versatile functions, starting from displaying the company name and logo to directional purposes. Building signs must be large enough to effectively reach their target audience. They must be memorable, eye-catching, versatile, durable, and easy to maintain. If you are a business who has a physical location, then building signs must be installed to bolster the visibility of your brand. We are one of the top Sign Board Manufacturers in Dubai UAE who have an expert team of designers, craftsmen, and engineers who can bring out ideas to signage. Some examples of businesses who take advantage of building signs are:

1.Wellness/health services
2.Retail stores
6.Real estate

Wall signs

Wall signs can bring out the essence of your business. The inner life of your organisation is reflected in your interior wall sign. You are able to communicate your brand message with your customers. Wall signs can be divided into various types, such as vinyl wall graphics, outdoor wallpaper signage, metal wall signs, and decorative wall signs. More than a sign, a wall sign conveys different meanings to its audience. They can brand your business, promote sales, present your menu, create an atmosphere of professionalism, help entice customers to stop in, and even help customers find their way. As sign manufacturers we create eye-catching wall signs that can assist you in reaching your goal.Some businesses and organisations that are already leveraging the potential of wall signs include:

2.Retail stores
3.Sports teams/venues
4.Event venues
5.Clothing/lifestyle brands
6.Real estate
7.Wellness/health services

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Outdoor led screen


Billboards are large-scale outdoor advertisements installed at a considerable height in strategic locations. Their main function is to attract everyone who wanders around your business. These giant, colourful advertisements placed on the sides of the roads are so hard to ignore as they are visible even from a far off distance. Billboards are cost-effective, engaging, and have easy-to-read messages. Depending on their size and location, they are cheap. Billboards are the only ones thriving in the digital age where all other conventional advertising mediums struggle. They have managed to do so by adapting to the times. As a leading Advertising Company in Dubai our wide range of billboards can leave an everlasting impression in various locations, such as sports facilities, educational centres, on means of transport, and public roads. Any of the businesses listed below who are looking to ramp up their advertising strategy must consider adding billboards to their signage toolkit:

1.Clothing/lifestyle brands
2.Revent venuess
4.Wellness/health services
5.Insurance companies
7.Food industry

POS Displays

POS stands for Point-Of-Sale. These displays are advertising structures located near the area where a consumer completes a purchase. Point of sale signage also allows for upselling opportunities right before purchase. Installing high quality retail graphics signage can create outstanding visuals that attract your customers. They are mainly used on occasions when you need to promote offers and sales, upsell other products, advertise new products, check wayfinding for customers, reinforce brand value, or establish brands within shop spaces. They can vary from massive signs to small retail displays, to large backdrops to window displays. As pioneer Advertising Suppliers in Dubai UAE, our wide range of point of sale signage can benefit you in different ways. You could target your specific audiences, save money on advertising, strategically locate your promotions, and update and change POS signs with ease. Some industries that make use of POS displays are:

1.The food and beverage industry
2.Clothing/lifestyle brands
3.Makeup companies
4.Pet supplies
5.Automotive products

POS Displays solution
Window Graphics  solution

Window graphics

Window graphics are wide swaths of multi-faceted decals and signage. This form of outdoor advertising is ideal to promote seasonal sales.They can enhance your storefront windows to showcase your latest product line, flash sales, and special events. An advantage of window graphics is that they are durable and adaptable for any number of business occasions. Many types of window graphics are used these days according to the objective. Some of them are transparent graphics, translucent graphics, perforated graphics, opaque graphics, and etched glass vinyl. We provide you with signage with many benefits, like versatility, built-in advertising, promotion of sales and company news, greater privacy, audience attention, savings, and improved appearance. Businesses that take advantage of window graphics include:

1.Event venues or convention centres
2.Tech companies
4.The food and beverage industry
5.Clothing/lifestyle brands

Pavement signs

Pavement signs are a relatively old method of advertising. But they are tactical and multi-functional. They influence customer decisions at the point of sale. Since they are free-standing and portable by design, they’re one of the most effective methods of making yourself known to passersby. There are many types of pavement signs to choose from, such as A-Board Signs, Swing Board Signs, Forecourt Signs, Flexible Pavement Signs, etc. Since pavement signs are double-sided, they can attract customers inside from either direction. They are not damaged by weather, and they are also completely customisable. If you wonder about the Signage printing Cost in Dubai UAE, contact us to find out more about signage services, which can be used to brand your specific business. The following industries can make use of pavement signs:

4.Street food outlets
6.Office blocks
7.Car hire companies
8.Car showrooms

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Storefront Signage

Storefront signage is an integral part of your business and can invite customers in. It promotes your brand message by identifying the business with the name of the store, a slogan or motto, a logo, or all three. These signs appear on the fronts of businesses and retail stores to advertise sales and convey information such as hours of operation, a telephone number, an address, etc. Window graphics, awning signs, building signage, temporary signs (for sales and events), projecting signs, hanging signs, and post and panel signs all fall under the category of storefront signs. We are an Advertising Company in Dubai UAE whose custom store signage for indoor and outdoor use will bring your advertising campaigns to a new level of performance.If your business belongs to any of the following categories, then make sure you install a storefront sign:

1.Retail Stores
3.Gas Stations
4.Convenience Stores
5.Vehicle Maintenance Shops
6.Vehicle Repair Shops
7.Community Banks

Blade (or projecting) signs

Blade Signs operate in a similar function as a “way-finding” sign. They are normally mounted on a building facade or storefront pole. They are also seen attached to a surface perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be either illuminated or non-illuminated. Illuminated Blade Signs enhance visibility and create a direct impact on the customer. Whereas Non-illuminated Blade Signs are bracket mounted away from the building perpendicular to the building creating visibility to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. A custom blade sign is the perfect way to catch someone’s eye from both directions around your storefront. Our Digital Signage in Dubai is made of only top grade materials. They project off the side of a building conveying your message. Some common applications for projecting blade signs include:

1.Restaurants and Diners
2.Movie Theatres
5.Furniture Shops
6.Veterinary Shops
7.Hair Salons

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Lightbox-cabinets Outdoor Solutions

Lightbox cabinets

Lightbox signs, also known as cabinet signs or box signs, are particularly common in urban cities and strip malls. They are internally illuminated by either LED lighting or, more commonly, fluorescent light bulbs. They offer slimmer cabinets, longer-lasting lighting, a 30% electric cost savings and more benefits. They are printed in ultra HD with single or double-sided options. They are made of durable polycarbonate faces for outdoor signs and acrylic faces for indoor signs. As good sign board suppliers in Dubai, UAE, we can fabricate custom light box signs to place anywhere you need a lighted message to attract customers. Lightbox signs can also include tracking for changeable letters ranging in height from 3′′ to 6′′.They can be installed in various locations, such as storefronts, office parks, strip malls, and plazas. The main businesses that make use of these types of signs are:

1.Fuel stations
2.Department stores
4.Retail stores
5.Medical offices
6.Night clubs
7.Convenience stores
8.Fitness studios
9.Art studios

Vinyl lettering and decals

Vinyl lettering and decals are individually cut out letters, numbers, or business logos used to advertise, promote, label, or identify. They are long-lasting, colourful and engaging designs attached to surfaces like windows, walls, floors, products, pavement, and packaging. Vinyl lettering and decals can be either small lettering or huge lettering to make your message visible. They are a part of the Sign Board in Dubai, UAE, and are cost-effective and can be printed in full colour and great detail with vivid images and clear, bold text.Since they are also re-usable, they’re perfect for flexible offices, seasonal promotions, or a business needing to shift their image. At Thamvos Ads, we offer the widest selection of custom vinyl lettering and decals that can promote your business name and logo, state your company slogan, highlight special promotions and upcoming events, provide contact information and social media engagement, and also offer directional and safety information. The following businesses are some of the ones who use this signage:

4.Corporate Offices
5.Manufacturing companies

Vinyl Lettering And Decals agency
Printed banners and flags company

Printed Banners and Flags

Printed banners and flags are ideal when you want to broadcast your message out loud. These weatherproof and durable signs can display your logo and message for a long period of time. Their main uses include boosting sales, promoting products and services, and grabbing audience attention. They are mainly made of vinyl. Since large fonts and images are used here, people can see your flags and banners from a distance. Sometimes, in the background, contrast colours are used to increase readability. They are also fade-resistant, tear-resistant, and wind-resistant. Our custom printed flags and banners are used even by advertising companies. Want to know about the Advertising Price in Dubai UAE? Then contact us.If you want to know the industries that use this signage, then have a look below.

1.Real Estate
2.Automobile Dealers
5.Advertising Firms
6.Big hotels
8.Government departments

Back-lit signs

A backlit metal sign is illuminated from the inside so that it really stands out, grabbing people’s attention. They are made of acrylic, metal, or cut-out letters and provide subtle, energy-efficient visibility for your brand displays. One of the important features of backlit signs is that they can enhance the appearance of your premises. It can create a positive vibe and customers are able to find you more easily, even during extreme weather conditions. If you choose your backlit sign to be made of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs), then you are saving energy as they are cost-effective. We are signage printing manufacturers, and our backlit metal signs are suitable for luxury brands such as a five-star hotel or designer retail outlet, making them extremely classy. We can also provide you press type acrylic & metal signs. Any business can potentially benefit from having their brand brought to life by these signs. Some of them are listed below:

1.Retail stores
2.Hospitality industry
3.Housing developments
5.Shopping mall
7.Medical office
8.Real estate

Stainless steel backlit  Company
Neon Signs Agency

Neon Signs

Neon signs are a very cost-effective means of advertising. Many businesses add them to create fun pictures, as neon tubes can be bent, twisted, and arranged in a variety of ways to create colourful, whimsical images. They are memorable showpieces that can indicate your business's open hours or vacancies. Neon signs can mark a location, highlight a name, announce sales, emphasise a specialty, and even foster a festive atmosphere. Other advantages include creating seasonal decorations, lighting up entertainment venues, and adding motion. You can choose from one of our collections of signage printing designs or request a customisable design that suits your business needs. If your business belongs to any of the following categories, then you require these types of signage to promote your business:

6.Retail stores

A-Frame Signs

A-Frames are also known as sandwich board signs. They come with permanent decals that are placed directly on either side of the frame. If you want to advertise a sale or announce a grand opening, you can make use of these signs. They can be considered an easy and affordable way to advertise your business or event. A-Frames are either single-sided or double-sided depending on your needs. One advantage of them is that they can be displayed indoors and outdoors. They are mainly of two types: Metal A-frame signs for outdoor use and plastic A-frame signs for indoor applications. We are different from others who do signage printing because of our industry experience and supply of high-quality materials at affordable prices. Here is a list of industries where sandwich board signs are used:

1.Government agencies
4.Food trucks
5.Pet adoption centres
6.Retail Outlets
7.Hyper Markets
9.Candy shops

A-Frame Signs solution
Reader Boards/Electronic Signs company

Reader boards/Electronic signs

Reader boards and electronic signs (also called Electronic Message Centres, or EMCs) are customisable signs that attract potential customers. These boards are highly visible to pedestrians and passing vehicles. They are known by different names: electronic messaging centres, electronic message boards, EMC displays, LED message displays, digital billboards, scrolling message boards, and LED reader boards. They are so flexible and can provide updated and new messages to push promotions, sales, company information and more. We can provide you with a variety of reader boards and electronic signs to fit your needs and enhance your brand within your budgeted signage costs.These types of signs are mainly used by the following industries:

2.Educational Institutions
3.Religious Organisations
4.Government agencies
5.Convention centres

Rooftop signs

Rooftop signs are meant to give maximum visibility to your brand, even from a long distance. They are designed with illuminated lettering profiles. Most businesses make use of their advantages, like being visible from afar, helping customers to find their way, and strengthening the brand and profile. If you can complement a roof sign with a clock or rotate the roof sign, then it may be more effective in creating lasting impressions. A striking, bold, and well-illuminated roof sign can have a greater impact than a standard wall sign. They are extremely popular among most businesses. As an experienced signage printing company in Dubai, we will help you to find the right roof sign which can make your brand stand out from the crowd. We also design rooftop signage for a variety of business types, including:

5.Amusement Parks
6.Performance Venues
8.Retail Shops
10.Healthcare Clinics
11.The entertainment sector

Rooftop Signs consultant
One Way Vision Glass Branding solution

One Way vision glass branding

A one-way vision film is essentially a vinyl with tiny holes that can transform your glass walls into displays that reflect your company's values. It is an example of a Large Format Digital Print. You can show images of your products, restricting visibility to what’s happening inside. In this type of signage, the image is printed on one side while the other side will be black. Even though the holes in the film are quite tiny and closely spaced, it won't affect the image quality. A person's eyes register only the overall image and not the pinholes. The customer standing outside looks at the branding on the glass, and the person on the inside (the non-image side) can look through the glass. We make sure that our one-way dotted films for glass aid the privacy of your organisation. Listed below are the businesses that use this type of signage:

1.Store fronts
3.Cinema halls
4.Retail shop
11.Tuition centres
12.Educational institutes

Stainless steel backlit

Stainless steel dimensional letters are a popular external signage product, manufactured using stainless steel plates welded and polished. They can create a dramatic halo lighting effect, stealing all eyes. More and more businessmen and designers are opting for this type of lettering because it can be used both outdoors and indoors. Stainless steel provides an elegant and modern touch to your design, illuminating the letters and reducing the ambient light. They can be made in different styles, such as Front Lit Stainless Steel Letters, Stainless Steel Letters Without Light, Flat Stainless Steel Letters, Stainless Steel Letters With Perimeter Silhouette, and Backlit Stainless Steel Letters. We provide fabricated stainless steel letters that are available in a wide variety of options. Some industries in which these signs are utilised include:

2.Corporate office
3.High end outlets
7.Coffee outlets
8.Food joints
9.Service centres

Stainless steel backlit  Company
Aluminium Letter With ACP Sign agency

Aluminium letter with ACP sign

ACP stands for Aluminium Composite Panels, which are made from a combination of hard-wearing polyethylene and aluminium. Since aluminium is a cost-effective metal, it is used largely for exterior branding. Most brands prefer this type of signage because they consider it one of the most durable and lightweight. ACP sign boards can be tempting and appealing as they are manufactured from raw materials that include 3D acrylic letters that are embedded with LED lighting. Versatile aluminium signs, which are sturdy and affordable, are a great medium for outdoor advertising. They are easy to install and remove through convenient fittings and adjustments. We concentrate on Design and Sales of Signages and particularly our aluminium signs are resistant to rusting and corrosion. They also last longer than PVC signs and corrugated plastic signs. The following businesses can include this type of signage for advertising purposes:

1.Corporate Sector
6.Real Estate
8.Car Dealerships


As a reputed sign board agency in Dubai, UAE, we provide the best services to our clients. Our outdoor signage is weather resistant, even to extreme conditions, and offers a long life while conveying your message.
You can think of us if you are stuck with the signage design or the signage price of market brands.We study each brand, get to know their business and goals, and then determine the best signage materials, colours, and mounting methods for constructing their sign.
Rather than focusing too much on the budget, it is better that you think about the value of solving your particular business. One thing is for sure, we can provide you with the best external signage solutions that do not exceed your expectations.
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