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Acrylic items are a perfect personalised gifting solution. There will be a diverse range of acrylic products for your personal as well as office use. These products are suitable for gifting on various occasions like birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries and many more. Besides, a unique looking acrylic gift box will be a great option as a corporate gift item. You can also customise your acrylic products for personal gifting for your companions, friends, and family. We also provide acrylic signages such as Custom Acrylic Display, Acrylic POS and POP Display, Acrylic Countertop Display, Acrylic Floor Display Stand, Acrylic Cosmetic Display, Acrylic Lipstick Display, Acrylic Watch Display, Acrylic Jewellery Display, Acrylic Eyewear Display.

As one of the leading sign board manufacturers in Dubai, UAE we are also suppliers of Acrylic Frames, Acrylic Podiums, Acrylic Boxes, Promotional Displays, Acrylic Brochure Holders, and Acrylic Perfume Displays.

The Benefits of Acrylic Gift Products

● Excellent optical clarity and transparency
● Extremely temperature resistant
● Chemical resistance is exceptional
● It is easy to shape and girdle
● Weather Resistant
● Retain Colour
● UV Resistant
● Lightweight and manoeuvrable
● Impact Resistant
● Stronger than glass
● More Safer
● Machining is easy
● An insulating substance

Acrylic Gift Products
Acrylic Signboard Services

Thamvos Ads is an advertisement agency

Thamvos Ads is a leading advertisement printing agency, which also supplies corporate and promotional gift items in all parts of Dubai. We have extensive experience in the market, which is why Thamvos is a reputed name among the quality-assured acrylic product suppliers. Some acrylic gift items for your special events may include:

● Acrylic Memento
● Acrylic Trophy
● An Acrylic Pen Set
● Gift Sets Made of Acrylic
● Acrylic Corporate Gifts
● Acrylic Personalised Gift Items
● Acrylic Paper Holder
● Acrylic Trays
● Acrylic Serving Trays
● Acrylic Suggestion Box
● An Acrylic Photo Stand
● Acrylic Paper Weight
● Acrylic Table Top Clock
● Acrylic Key Rings


Acrylic is an excellent material with outstanding strength and stiffness. It has high optical clarity and is easy to fabricate. It also bonds well with adhesives and solvents. Moreover, it has superior weathering properties, which makes it appropriate for making gift items.
Acrylic is a plastic. But not all plastic is acrylic. Acrylic, or "polyacrylate," is a petroleum-based thermoplastic. As one of the leading signage printing manufacturers in Dubai, we manufacture acrylic gift items for personal as well as corporate uses.
Yes. An interesting property of acrylic is that it is tough and durable. They are used in the manufacture of different signs as well as for gift items due to their high durability.
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