4 Different Types of Outdoor Signage Solutions


If you are a business owner in Dubai and want to use outdoor signage for marketing your business or brand in Dubai, then this article is for you. In Dubai, many businesses use outdoor signage to create an instant "connect" as well as arouse curiosity among potential customers. Outdoor signage solutions can be placed just outside your office or shop, on roadsides, on billboards or as hoardings, and in other open areas for brand recognition among customers and to improve their trust in your brand.

Types of outdoor signage solutions

There are different types of outdoor sign board displays to attract the attention of your customers. You can always choose the one that best suits your requirements. Outdoor signage is placed on the exterior of your business house or in another location.

While tough vehicle graphics and banners also fall under the group of outdoor signage solutions, we will largely discuss digital outdoor signage solutions that help draw in customers today.

Digital signage is a network of linked digital screens that allows content to be displayed in any location.Due to their high resolution and brightness, they are used to convey any type of information and can be placed anywhere.

Digital signage is more eco-friendly, needs less maintenance, and is more visually appealing than conventional signboards. The inclusion of animation and multimedia content helps reach a larger audience than a traditional signboard.


Types of digital signage displays


#1: LED Walls

LED walls consist of horizontal and vertical LED arrays that work together like a single unit. These are used for "digital display screen outdoor" purposes. These LEDs possess high refresh rates and therefore produce smoother pictures. As they do not generate heat during operation, they do not need cooling fans and are, therefore, noise-free.

These outdoor LED screens offer an immersive viewing experience for onlookers when placed as wall signs.

#2: Digital Displays 

Big digital screens with LED backlighting can be used as effective digital outdoor screen solutions. They can be used in metro stations, hotel lobbies, subways, colleges, corridors, and airports. They can be used in landscape and portrait modes.

The signage can be made with a sleek design and aesthetically pleasing content. Outdoor digital LED displays provide improved heat dissipation and an easy-to-use Plug & Play interface.It is power-efficient and eco-friendly. You can get these done for your business with help from an outdoor digital display supplier.

#3: Information kiosk Dubai


An information kiosk is an effective way to extend the reach of information in public places. It can be modified to make it interactive, and anyone can use it for functions such as booking a ticket, generating tokens, booking an appointment, placing orders, etc. This helps to save time for the users and also cuts down on business costs by reducing the need for the employment of manpower for tasks, as mentioned above.

An "interactive kiosk Dubai" arrangement can be combined with queue management systems and token generation systems, which are then installed in locations such as hospitals, post offices, banks, libraries, etc., where a large number of people have to be managed.

Interactive kiosks can provide diverse services such as wayfinding, self-checkout, ticketing, vending, and ordering items. Using interactive displays, patients can book their appointment with the doctor without needing to consult someone at a help desk. An employee may be able to check their shift schedule on a digital display and also mark their absence or presence. 

#4: Digital Signage and Smart Displays


Besides retail spaces and restaurants, digital signage makes a vast difference in displaying public information that may otherwise be dull, boring, and confusing. Today, digital signage is used in banks, hospitals, airports, and office spaces. It is used for providing clear and concise messages for consumption by staff and visitors.


What is smart signage or digital signage smart displays

Smart digital signage systems operate using smart digital signage software. Smart features can automate content management, screen management, or remote accessibility.

Many smart digital signage solutions, such as window graphics, integrate display systems with third-party applications, like a business organisation’s internal dashboards or communication tools. Such advanced functionalities are not possible when using conventional digital signs.

A digital signage solution can be AI-driven in a retail store and be programmed to read customers’ demographics and moods and work to show personalised product suggestions. It is also a smart and intelligent digital signage solution.

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