5 Essential Elements of Effective Building Signage


Designing and investing in quality building signage is vital in establishing and improving trust around your brand. Signs are a means of informing onlookers and businesses that you are serious, you have a reputation, and you are proud of your brand. If you own a business and are looking for effective building sign board design in Dubai, it is a good idea to contact reputable digital signage services or consultants in the emirate.


Digital signage is a communication tool and its effectiveness can be enhanced by suitable digital signage design. Multimedia content can be broadcast on digital display media, both remotely and in real-time. The content can be text data, animations, videos, or photos.

If building signage is small or unclear, businesses may fail to make a mark among buyers because of low visibility. Effective outdoor signage designs form the most cost-effective forms of business marketing. You can improve visibility by keeping in mind four different factors: placement, colour, illumination, and the sign’s angle.

Contrasting colours, brand colours and logos have to be kept in mind for improved visibility. When the sun goes down, the visibility is lowered. For improved readability at night, the sign has to be illuminated. Internally illuminated boards make for easier signboard maintenance

Ensure that you place the signage for business at an angle that is best visible to the onlookers. It should be placed in the front and facing the viewer for the best results. A reputed signboard company in Dubai would recommend the best spot for you. 


Effective building signage is vital in that it allows you to draw the attention of onlookers to your company and develop your brand further. When compared to other marketing methods digital signage solutions are cost-efficient because it provides constant exposure at all times of the day, and can be used on a long-term basis.


Digital signage displays with high readability have the greatest impact on viewers. Readability depends on five factors namely, content, size, colours and contrast, and font type. Each of these plays an important role, and if one is not correct it can affect the others. Some tips for better readability:

  • Avoid script fonts

  • Avoid narrow and scrunched fonts

  • Sans serif and block fonts are popular choices

  • Choosing contrasting colours is important

  • Choose the correct size for readability, not too large or too small

  • The content is important for the branding of the business

Professionals involved in signage advertising in Dubai and experienced signboard manufacturers will help you with the size and advertisement content for the best results.


Optimal digital signage design can be simple and should have the right images to complement the words in the signage. Graphic images in digital signage drive up intrigue and make for a better long-term investment. Images in digital signage design communicate a lot about the brand while best utilising the available space.

In the context of graphic images in digital signage displays, digital signage professionals opine that graphics improve the clarity of the signage. Having good clarity is the top goal for digital signage professionals whether it is about the readability of the message or the effectiveness of the message on the signage board. However, for graphics to be effective as mentioned above, they should be closely related to the primary business function.

Misleading digital signage and those without clarity may bring business to the store, but are not likely to retain them as permanent clients as the signage feels like misrepresentation, leading customers to develop less trust. 


The quality of digital signage relates both to the materials used in building the signage solution as well as the quality of the content that is displayed in the signage. Regarding the quality of materials used to build the signage, they should be made of robust and durable material that will withstand the vagaries of nature when placed in the external environments, outside of a building. You can check out office signboards in Dubai that are attractive and contact digital signage design specialists. 

Good, high-quality content can help to generate repeat business from satisfied customers. This will be evident in the customer testimonials for your digital signage content and, of course, your product quality. This will help to build trust and attract potential customers to become loyal purchasers of your products/services. 

  • Keep the message simple

  • Use high-quality videos and images

  • Incorporate interactive elements if possible

  • Use the data to drive content

  • Test many times before publishing digital content

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