6 Reasons Why you should Renovate your Old Signboards with New-age Signage


If you are running a business in Dubai, UAE, any experienced digital signage services consultant would tell you the importance of maintaining your commercial digital signboards. Signage maintenance plays a vital role in extending the life of your digital signboards. However, a sad truth is that in many cases, signage maintenance is often overlooked.


When speaking of business branding, what often people think of are symbols, logos, jingles, and slogans. What they completely overlook is the digital signage which forms the face of their business house. Signages often advertise a business 24/7, internal signage helps visitors to find their way inside commercial buildings, take your business and brand to the masses, and make you stand apart from your competitors. 


The trouble that you have taken to create your signages that are eye-catching and meaningful should not go to waste. The time, effort and money that you have invested should be saved by investing in signage maintenance. Signage maintenance is best left to knowledgeable professionals. Many reputed signage maintenance services in Dubai would do a good job for you. In addition to maintenance, some of them would also design, manufacture, supply, and install new signs for your business.


If you are thinking of signage maintenance or refurbishing digital signage for your business, you have to pay heed to factors such as the location of your business, prevalent weather, and accessibility. Signage manufacturers and sign maintenance services with ample experience would keep these factors in mind when setting your signage boards up and give you suitable recommendations. 


All said and done, no signboard lasts forever. However, with proper maintenance, signage boards will last longer and still look good to the public that looks at them. This is where new-age signages come into play. In the following paragraphs, we attempt to provide you with 6 solid reasons why businesses should go for digital signage instead of traditional signage.  


#1: Digital signage is easy to edit/update


Digital signage eliminates any manual process to be followed for updates, unlike traditional signage. Brochures or pamphlets have to be re-designed and printed again. Sign repair services would simply upload the updated design using signage software and schedule display at the time and date required. 


#2: Digital signage is a one-time investment


In the case of print media, any new offer or promotion or any new product introduction requires new printed material. In the case of digital signage, all you have to do is request your contracted signboard maintenance services in Dubai to upload the new design and circulate it on all your screens.


The only major investment for digital signage is when they have to be installed the first time. After this is done, they can last for years. They can be used in multiple ways and thus provide a quick ROI. 


3. More eye-catchy compared to traditional signage


Digital signage is much like TV screens and keeps your audience engaged with the displays and content. Traditional signage is static and hence the visual appeal is limited. Modern signage advertising in the UAE is digital and contains video and music that grabs the attention of passers-by. You can get a signboard maintenance company in the UAE to put up attractive videos and music for you. The type of content played on the digital signage screen plays an important role and this part is taken care of by digital sign makers in Dubai.


#4: Reduces employee effort and saves on costs


If your business uses traditional signboards, you have to take help from sign cleaning services to keep these boards clean and washed. You may also have to repaint them and this may involve the efforts of your employees or using fading paint maintenance repair services.  

As far as pamphlets and brochures are concerned, you have to get them re-designed and reprinted in case you have new offerings or new products/services/promotions. 

You will have to get these circulated. All these add up to extra costs. 

When it is digital signage, any change in design or content is simply the job of the digital signage company in Dubai. The new designs are simply uploaded and pushed to those devices where they are to be displayed. The entire process takes only a few minutes and your staff can be put to more productive use.


Talking about the costs, every printing calls for a recurring cost. This does not happen with digital signage. Digital advertising board maintenance in Dubai is easy with the designs used on the digital screens being stored in the software that powers these boards’ displays. 


#5: Helps connect with the audience via social media feeds


Social media platforms undoubtedly offer the most popular method of connecting with your audience. They help you to reach your target users on a more personalised level.


A modern signboard maintenance company in the UAE can help you to use digital signage to connect with your audience via social media feeds on a platform like Instagram. This would indirectly help your brand to gather more followers. 


#6: Adding sounds, and HTML effects, increases the appeal


Modern signage advertising in the UAE is known to combine sounds with digital signage to enhance its appeal. This works to attract more viewers and passers-by. 

Christmas offers can be combined with the sounds of jingling bells and this can get customers into a festive mood. This type of advertising can take user experience to another level. 

Similarly adding eye-catching HTML effects to the digital signs to showcase promotions can highlight specific areas of your screen and help to grab additional sales by giving extra appeal to the displayed offers. 

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