The Advantages of Using 3D Channel Letter Sign Boards for Business


If you are looking for signage for business in Dubai, it is a good idea to choose 3D channel letters for the signage display. What is the reason for the popularity of 3D signboard design in Dubai? This is because 3D channel letter signboards are attractive, stylish and visible during both the day and the night time. They are unique in appearance and one can become very creative with this signage for the business. They are also more eco-friendly than many other types of digital signage options.

3D Channel Letters 

Traditionally channel letters used neon tubing that contained mercury and this is indeed harmful to the environment we live in. Nowadays, signboard manufacturers make 3D channel letters out of aluminium and this means they are long-lasting and do not corrode or warp. They come in different sizes and offer a wide variety of choices. 

Outdoor signage companies in Dubai use acrylic material for constructing the channels. They come in different sizes and styles. Most of the 3D channels use LEDs for their illumination. You can make a choice of any colour that you like. These channel letters can be shaped into any company logo or other business designs or customised shapes. 

3D channel letters can be mounted using different options. Sometimes, they are placed on a metal panel and this spaces it from an external wall. These outdoor 3D signs can also be mounted directly on a wall. LED strip lighting, when used, can light up the channel signs uniquely and enhance their appeal.

Types of 3D channel letter signs

Halo lit


This type of 3D channel letter has a light directly placed behind it. This light provides back illumination to the sign and produces a “Halo” effect around every letter. The face of each letter is sealed with aluminium and is usually painted with a darker colour. This creates a contrast that produces the “halo” effect.


These 3D channel letters do not have acrylic on the front and the LEDs are exposed. The LEDs lay exposed and this enhances the illumination. The LEDs used outdoors should be robust and able to withstand the elements of nature. These LEDs are sealed with a silicone-based weather-proof adhesive before they are mounted.

Signboard design in Dubai offers the option of 3D channel letters that can either be back-lit or front-lit. The back-lit letters that have exposed letter faces create a halo effect. 

Benefits of using 3D channel letters for digital signboard solutions

Any business requires signage that is both stylish and unique to catch the attention of the onlookers. It is a good idea to use halo-lit digital signage solutions for your business. Given below are a few reasons why you can opt for 3D channel letters. 

#1: You can create any eye-catching design using 3D channel letters. They can be placed as a logo or as any other design of your choice. Front-lit channel letters are bright during the day or night. They make a bold statement and can help to take your business to the next level. 

#2: If your office signboard in Dubai is made of 3D channel letters there is a good chance that onlookers can read your boards from a distance because of the increased visibility they offer. You can also make them bold so that people take note of the board and its contents. These can be mounted on a building façade or a wall. They even happen to be a way-finding solution as customers can easily identify the location by looking at the board even from a distance.

#3: Any reputed signboard company in Dubai would recommend 3D channel letters for a business for the versatility they offer. For your business, you can choose from many options such as neon or LED for lighting, you can opt for a multitude of colours and you can also choose any shape or design or logo specific to your business. It is possible to combine different effects into the sign and this will lend an attractive and unique appearance to your business signage. 

#4: 3D Channel letter installations can be placed indoors and outdoors and are known for their robustness, durability, and long life. Signboard installation services recommend 3D channel letters as the channels are made of aluminium and do not corrode. They retain their original colours for a long time and thus form a good business investment. 

#5: Using 3D channel letters is an excellent method that you can use for communicating the brand image and value to potential customers. You can design the 3D channels into letters, designs and logos of your choice. Strong brand recognition happens when the onlookers can associate a brand based on fonts, colours and designs. This helps to bring your business into the minds of your potential customers as soon as they see your signboard installation. 

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