The Power of Signages: Tips for Making them more Effective


Creating digital signage is a creative process that requires you to combine different design elements such as colour, contrast, content and arrangement. However, the ultimate goal of digital signage is to communicate information to those who choose to view the signage in the most effective manner. Agencies involved in sign board design in Dubai would help you set up appropriate digital signage if you are setting up or running a business in Dubai.


In digital signage design, it is always 'form' after 'function'. Therefore, it is important to follow design rules to ensure that your content is appealing and readable. In this blog, we attempt to briefly detail a few digital signage design tips.


Textual Design


  • Contrast, legibility

Indoor signage designs and outdoor signage designs should be such that the message does not get lost. This can happen if the audience is not able to separate the elements of the signage design. Legibility is primarily dependent on contrast, that is, good contrast makes it more legible. Contrast is the primary factor for the legibility of text – poor contrast reduces legibility, and good contrast between background and foreground colours improves it. 


  • The 3 x 5 rule


Signage for business is used to communicate a clear and concise message to those who care to view the message. Therefore, it is vital that you do not clutter your digital signage with a lot of text. Also, the type size should be large enough from a distance for people to read and comprehend. It is sensible to display only the most important information to the viewers. Digital signage solutions providers will well follow the 3 x 5 rule wherein they will use no more than five lines of text of three words each or three lines of text of five words each.


  • Text styles


Unless it is about duplicating a brand or logotype, digital signage design professionals will choose to keep the font both simple and legible. The unwritten rule is not to use more than two fonts in any one design. Italics are used sparingly as it is not legible from a distance. Large-sized text and emboldened lettering help improve readability.


Colour, Perception


Colour is used to create contrast, and the choice of colour should place the foreground text elements in digital signage displays, perceptually in front of the background design. With all colours being created from different proportions of red, green, and blue, white is the combination of all three and black is the absence of colour. The human eye is the most sensitive to green colour but least sensitive to blue. To have the best designs, it is a good idea to use contrasting colours, light on dark or dark on light. 


High-quality Digital Signage Materials


The elements required for an impactful digital signage system include a digital display, media player, content management system or CMS and the content itself.


As far as outdoor or office indoor signages are concerned, you should know that hardware is key for the best quality output. The wrong choice may lead to display errors, system crashes, and other problems that may negatively impact your business. You can avoid all of these if you get in touch with reputed and experienced signage installation services. This is especially true for those businesses that are planning to deploy outdoor signage solutions across large spaces. Any wrong move could cost your organisation a great deal. 


Once you choose the hardware, you should also contact a reliable vendor to set up your office sign board in Dubai.


What to look for in a digital signage company


The most important factor to evaluate when picking up a signage design consultancy is the level of assistance they would provide during the entire operation of design, construction, and installation and after-sales of the digital signage equipment. High-quality hardware signage makers offer comprehensive support and they would help you with system setup to ongoing maintenance and/or troubleshooting. This type of support is required from digital signage services if you want to keep your system running without any flaws for years.


Pick out a sign board company in Dubai that offers adaptable solutions and can integrate with any screen equipment you have and can integrate into a seamless network.


Also, ensure that you consider the hardware's durability. Your equipment should stand up to round-the-clock use whether indoors or outdoors without breaking down or many malfunctions. Look out for hardware that is built to last, having features such as corrosion-resistant materials, solid construction, and long-lasting displays.


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