Vehicle Branding and its Effectiveness


Vehicle branding refers to the display and promotion of a business or service on a vehicle. This display could be a simple and small logo or a full wrap that covers the vehicle. The type of branding would be decided by the vehicle branding consultant and executed by the digital signage services that you are associated with. 

A vehicle branding exercise is a valuable one because it reinforces brand awareness among the public and helps to build a following. However, if you run a business in Dubai, to get the right message across to your target audience, you have to team up with the best vehicle branding signage company and get ideas from the topmost vehicle branding agency in Dubai.

High-quality fleet vehicle signage tells the public that your organisation is professional and ready to address the needs of its customers. 

Vehicle Branding Benefits 

Some more benefits of vehicle graphics and signage include:

They make for cost-effective advertising. It involves a one-time cost to set up the chrome vinyl wrapping for the vehicles which includes the design, production, and installation of the wrap.

You can use vehicle signage for strategic advertising campaigns which may be long-term or for specific events. 

Vehicle branding has only a one-time up-front cost. After that, this continues to work for you for the lifetime of the vehicle, or in some cases, your contract.

You can use the vehicle signage displays with the same design as in your social media handles. This would contribute to brand consistency and thus raise awareness about your brand among the public.

It is a known truth that people like to associate with brands they are familiar with. The more they see and encounter your branding and become aware of your product/service offerings they would seek your product or service when the requirement arises.

Vehicle wraps help you to reach out to a wider audience. It is estimated that vehicle signage solutions make between 30000 and 70000 impressions in a day. This is a large number for the price you pay. 

Vehicle graphics can help to promote your brand 24/7. Vehicle signages never go off and are visible to the public even when the vehicle is parked. 

Types of vehicle digital signage solutions in Dubai

Vehicle wraps are largely made of vinyl materials that last long and provide top performance. There are 4 common types of vehicle wraps, glassy, matte, brushed car and satin types. The glassy type has a classic finish and the matte type provides a matte finish once the wraps are in place. Satin finish refers to semi-matte wraps. Satin wraps are a combination of matte and glossy wraps. 

Brushed car wraps are preferred by modern professionals for their vehicles. These are of two types: brushed texture vehicle wraps and brushed material vehicle wraps. They are not highly reflective, cost-effective and easy to install. Vehicle wraps also serve to protect the vehicle's body and paint.

Types of vehicle branding wraps

Agencies that produce vehicle branding solutions in Dubai make fleet wraps that can cover a vehicle partially or in full. A full wrapping vinyl sheet covers the entire surface of the vehicle and runs from the front of the vehicle, up the hood and to the back of the vehicle. A half-wrapping fleet vehicle signage covers only specific portions of the vehicle, say, the entire back portion of the vehicle and the doors of the vehicle. A larger display area will allow the advertisers to squeeze in more details without making it appear crowded.

Vehicle branding signs in the UAE may include company logos, texts, or full-blown advertisements for an event. The vehicle graphics signs that are required to be placed on the vehicle also depend on the business or service they intend to advertise. 

Professional Vehicle Branding Agency in Dubai

At Thamvos Advertisers, a vehicle branding signage company of repute in Dubai, we specialise in professional wrap installation services for single vehicles and fleets. We have our expert design and installation team for vehicle wraps. Our design and installation team will schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your marketing strategies and goals as the first step. We will then examine the vehicles to determine whether a full or a partial wrap will suit your advertisement campaign and which type will deliver your branding message clearly to your audience. After that we will decide on the copy and the graphics. Once this is clear, we set out to design and print the professional wrap for you. 

We specialise in different types of vehicle wraps and vehicle advertisement methods. They are: 

  • Full wrapping

  • Half wrapping

  • Car magnets

  • Vinyl wrapping

  • Chrome vinyl wrapping

  • Carbon fibre vinyl wrapping

  • Matte vinyl wrapping

Our teams will ensure that your vehicle wraps are professionally installed after cleaning them and removing all the dirt and debris from their outer surfaces. We also take care to keep the wraps free of bubbles or wrinkles while simultaneously ensuring that the wrap does not go over the door handles or the mirrors. Our wraps and car magnets last for years while continuing to maintain an eye-catching appearance.

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